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Of the many tools that are essential for the Bible teacher to possess in the classroom, I would say that the globe is one of the most crucial. There is a God. He made this world and everything in it. And He is not silent. As God’s Word is being taught, it is so important to point out where those events are taking place; so it is seen that they are real events that happened at a real time in real history in a real place in this world.

Without fail, in the classrooms where I have taught, the students have not seen the connection of the events in the Bible with the events in history that they are learning in school. I will ask them if they have studied Egypt in school yet. The answer is the same every time. “I go to public school. We don’t study these things there.” It is as if the things that they are learning in Bible class are disconnected with the rest of life’s learning.

So in Bible class, the globe comes out.

1. We look to see where the lesson is taking place.

Globe showing the state of TExas

2. We talk about the different places in this world and the place that we live in. I make a point to connect places of the Bible with the places that they will be learning about in school.

3. When in Exodus, we look at pictures of the pyramids of long ago that are still standing today. We talk about the different Pharoahs and the many gods that they worshipped.

4.. When in the gospels, we talk about the Roman Empire. We look to see where that empire was. We talk about the Caesars. These are things that the students will also be studying in school.

5.. I have also taken different colored markers and have marked different locations that we are studying; places like Egypt and Israel, and Rome. We live in Texas so Texas is marked. I make sure the students know where they live on the globe so they can get the perspective.

Our world is the same world that these people in our Bible lived in.

Telling the students about Jesus by presenting the Bible as isolated stories and teaching good Biblical principles to live by can really be dangerous in the long run. We are not asking our students to trust in a good story. We are asking our students to trust in "the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life. The Bible must be presented as something that happened in a real place in real time in real history so that it can be seen as the TRUTH that it is!

The Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt today

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