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How do we learn? What is a Biblical method of teaching?


The time was rich; the impressions vivid, creating memories that will ever remain. It was a moment prepared to invoke “Learning to its Fullest”, imparting knowledge prepared to remain for a lifetime. It was a time meant for all ages; in the same room, all learning together! It was an evening of remembering and acknowledging the faithfulness of God. It was My First Seder.

I thought to myself, “This is how the God of the Bible speaks.” It was not so much a time of filling my head with factual truths. It was a time of enlightening every part of my being with factual truths. All of my senses were used to the max. There was much to see, much to hear, much to taste and much to touch.

Oh, the uncontrollable tears! I was given no warning! Of course I wanted to experience this evening to the fullest and so I eagerly took a bite. I do not think I will ever forget the sensation that one spoonful of horseradish can produce. Immediate tears came flooding down from my eyes; so much so that it brought to me unforgettable pain. I’m not sure at the time that I actually thought I was going to recover!

What a meaningful picture this one taste produced in my understanding. Oh how bitter was that yoke of slavery that the Hebrew nation endured for so many years. Day after day, month after month, year after year. I am sure those Hebrews also thought that they could not survive another day. Yes, I did experience a little pain to help cement in my mind this event of history.

The Seder that is celebrated today comes from the teaching of the Passover recorded in the book of Exodus that God gave to Moses. These are things that God did not want his children to forget. He has the people Do and Experience Many Different Things. There is the killing of the lamb. There is the putting of the blood on the door. There is the cleaning out of the house and making sure there is no leaven. The children are to ask questions. “Why are we doing these things? Why is tonight different?” In response, the stories are given.

Instructions are given in the Scriptures of how God wanted this great event of his mighty acts to be remembered.

  • Nothing is mentioned of lectures to be given.

  • Nothing is mentioned of making outlines on the attributes of God.

  • There are no fill-in-the-blank worksheets given to be filled out each year.

  • There are no coloring sheets given to keep children occupied and quiet.

  • No mention is given to teach the different age groups separately and on their own level.

But from the instructions for the Passover given in the Bible, much is given:

  • There are houses to be cleansed

  • There are sheep to be raised, loved and then killed.

  • There are special blessings to be recited.

  • There is food to be tasted.

  • There are questions to be asked.

  • There are stories to be heard.

  • There are songs to be sung.

  • The young are involved as well as the old.

This is How the God of the Bible Communicates to His People.

This is a Pattern That We See of Communicating Truth in the Scriptures.

Of course there is a place for lectures and sermons and fellowshipping with those that are of the same age and interests as our own. But I think we need to take a long look at how we actually learn the best. How our youth learn the best. How our children learn the best. And the model that God gives us of teaching in the Scriptures.


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