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Joseph. A man of courage. A man of faith.  


Life definitely is not fair to him at all. One hardship continues to follow another hardship for this man. Days go by. Months go by. Years go by. Trouble never ceases. Why is all of this happening to him?  When will things get better? Joseph has no idea. And yet he continues to trust God. He continues to obey God. Surely he had to wonder. However there is never one hint of whining or complaining from him.


Joseph is a man in the midst of an unbelievable dysfunctional family. Nonetheless Joseph's family is the family that God has chosen for great things. Of all of the families that have ever been, God singled this family out with which to bless the whole world. This crazy family? Go figure. They are a mess. But aren't we all? People, like you and me, are all that God has to work with. People that don't have it all together. People that are unbelieveably dysfunctional.



God does have a plan. It is not a good plan. It is a marvelous plan. It is the best plan.

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Life is hard. But there is hope! One man is chosen. Through this man's family, God will bless the whole world.

And yet, what drama! What dysfunction! These are real people trying to make it in real life. I can not think of one issue that we face today that someone in this family did not face. It's all here. The problems are in no way new. If it were not for God's promise of the Deliverer, the only hope for this world in which we live, what would be the use?

God's Word, the Bible, is the story of God's message of hope to us. The question for the people in this Bible study is the same question for us today. Can we trust God? Can we wait on him? God proves over and over that he keeps every one of his promises. And yet, waiting and trusting is so hard.

Come meet the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the pages of the first book of the Bible, Genesis. He wants you to believe him and trust him. He will not let you down. I promise you will never be the same.

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Genesis. A book of beginnings and a book of drama. Nothing seems to be new under the sun; the worries, the sorrows, the pain, the love stories, the passions. These stories of people that lived so long ago could just as well have been our own stories.

“Genesis” is a Greek word that means “origins”. And this book tells us about the beginnings of most everything! From the beginning of the world itself to the beginning of the evil that entered into this world. And most importantly this book gives the beginning of the message of hope in the promise of a Deliverer that will rescue man from the evil that he not only finds in his world but also in his own heart. 

It is truly an exciting book and foundational to all that we study in life. I do hope you will take the time to study right along with me in these pages of the first book of the Bible. For those who will be teaching out of the "Let God Speak" Curriculum, this will be an excellent tool to use for further study.