Patriarchs Excerpts

Excerpts from Table of Contents


  •  God Has Spoken.

  •  The Bible Is God’s Book That Chronicles The Story Of This Deliverer, Jesus.

  •  Children Learn Through Stories.

  •  Let God Speak Through His Word.

  •  The Whole Picture Is Foundational Before Different Topics Can Be Fully Understood.

  •  Learning The Scriptures in Order and in its Context

  •  Another Focus Of This Curriculum Is Its Hands-On Approach.

  •  These Lessons Are Not Just Ideas On Paper.

2. Using this book

  A. Prayerfully prepare yourself.

  B. Read the Scripture.

  C. Read the Lesson.

  D. Teach the Lesson.

  E. The Lesson’s basic structure

      i. The Interest Activity:

     ii. The Bible Lesson:

    iii. Other Elements of the Class

Sample Lesson Schedule

Lesson four : Lot in Sodom

 Scripture Focus:

     Genesis 13:10-12

     Genesis 14:18-20

     I John 2:15-16

     Luke 17:32

     2 Peter 2:7-9

You Will Need For Today’s Lesson

Interest Activity:

     Make Lot’s Wife

Bible Lesson

     The Appearance Of Things

     Righteous Lot

     Back To The Angels  

     A Sad Ending

Studies in Genesis



Sample Bible Lesson

....Tension In The Home

And so the child of promise is here. But all is not well. There is tension in the home. Do you remember what Abraham and Sarah did about fourteen years ago? (God had made these promises to Abraham and his children but Abraham and Sarah didn’t have any children yet and they thought they had to figure out how to make this work without talking to the LORD about it. So they had a baby with their maid, Hagar.)

When God’s child does something that he is not supposed to do, God still loves him very, very much but many times horrible problems come their way that could have been avoided. God pleads with his children to trust him and follow his ways but God still gives his children the freedom to choose how they will live.

Abraham and Sarah began to have problems from the beginning when they decided to get a baby in their family their way. Days are hard in the family now; probably a lot of sadness, a lot of hurting, a lot of crying and broken hearts. Abraham has a son but it isn’t Sarah’s son. There is another woman. This other woman has a son but she really doesn’t have a husband. Abraham loves his son tremendously but he and Sarah don’t share that love together. It is just a mess.

Well now it just got messier. Sarah finally has a baby. This is one of the biggest events in a woman’s life and Sarah had to wait ninety years before she had this child, her first child. The Bible says that God has made her to laugh and everyone who hears will laugh with her. Few things could give Sarah greater joy in her life. But the sad thing is that this was not to be Abraham’s first child. Yes, he was thrilled to have Isaac, the promised son but he could not share in the same kind of “first child” joy with Sarah. There is another son and there is this son’s mother.

Abraham’s heart is torn. He has had an only son for fourteen years. For fourteen years, Ishmael has grown up as an only child. I am sure Abraham loved him dearly. Ishmael was his only son and I am sure they did everything together.


There Is Going To Be A Party.

And then one day there is a new baby. How do you think Ishmael felt? How was he to understand? He knew that his mother was not his dad’s wife. He knew now that his dad’s wife had a son. He probably had heard about a special promise. He probably saw all of the excitement over this brother of his. He surely felt a difference in the attention he was getting from his dad because now his dad had another son. It’s not that his dad loved him any less. It’s just that things were different now. He was no longer the only one. And somehow this new baby was very special.

Now baby Isaac is around two or three years old and this day he is weaned. There is to be a great feast, like a birthday party. It is a big event in Isaac’s life and all the focus is on him. In fact, Isaac has probably been the focus for the past few weeks in all the preparations for this big event.

(This would be a good time to stop and enjoy the “feast of cookies” and have a bit of a party. Then bring their focus back to the story and how Ishmael at this time is probably feeling).......