Beginnings Preschool Excerpts

1. Introduction

   God has spoken.

   Child ren learn through stories.

   Let God Speak Through His Word.

   Learning The Scripture In Context.  

   Another Focus Of This Curriculum Is Its Hands-On Approach.

   Bibles should definitely be used.

   These Lessons Are Not Just Ideas On Paper.

2. Teaching Preschoolers the Bible 

    It Doesn’t Just Happen.

    Remove all “Film-Based Toys”.

    An Uninformed Observer

   The Basic Preschool Schedule:

3. Preschool Teaching items

    Basic Materials  

    The Bible Story Table  

    Play-dough Recipe

    Dirt Dough Recipe

    Colored Salt

4. How to use the Preschool Book

    1. Prayerfully prepare yourself.

    2. Read the Scripture.

    3. Read the Lesson.

    4. The Lesson’s Basic Structure

        A. Beginning Activity

        B. Group time

        C. Snack Time

        D. Craft time

        E. Book Time and Activities

Excerpts from Table of Contents

 Lesson 4: Creation Days Six and Seven


   Scripture Focus

      Genesis 1:24 - 2:3

   You Will Need for Today’s Lesson

   Beginning Activity

      1. Sand Play

      2. (Another option) Creating Dough Animals

      3. (Another Option) Dirt Play

   Group Time : 

       Lesson: Creation: Day Six

   Craft Time

       Globe Earths

   Snack Time

       Adam, Eve and the Animals

   Book and Activity Time

Sample Lesson Schedule

Studies in Genesis



Today we are at the last day of creation. This is the day that is the reason for all the rest. God had someone very special in mind when he started creating and he was getting everything ready. It is kind of like when your mother was going to have a baby. She had nine months to get everything ready. It was so exciting for her. She thought about the room that her baby would be in and what she wanted it to look like. She probably thought about the clothes that the baby would need as soon as the baby arrived. She would have to have a car seat to bring the baby home. So she shopped for that until she found the perfect one.

It is the same way with God. He is going to create people that are to be very much like him. He needs a place for his people. He wants it to be a beautiful place. It also has to be the right temperature. It can’t be too cold. It can’t be too hot. And so, God puts one of his stars in just the right place for this world. And then he fills his world with good things to eat and good things to see and good things to smell. He is making everything perfect.

And now this is the last day. First of all, the Bible says that on the sixth day God speaks and there were all kinds of animals. There were not just a few but there were all kinds. They are described as the livestock and then the beasts and then the creeping things. And the Bible says again that all of these were made “after their kind”. What does that mean? That means that every time that a horse has a baby, there will be no surprises. Mama horse will not have a baby cow. We can depend on that. If we want to raise sheep, we can buy sheep and know that they can only have more sheep. We do not have to worry that they might change into kangaroos when they have their babies.

(Give each child a card of animal stickers to put on their “world”.)

After all the animals were made, God looks at it all and says that it is all good.

And now the time is come. Everything is ready; the moment that this creating is pointing to. God makes a man.

(Give each child a small piece of dough to make a man. Actually give each enough dough so that eventually it will make two people.)

Let’s make a man for our world here. God makes the man different than all the animals that he had made that day. The Bible says that God made man in his own image. Do you know what that means?

There are ways that people are very different than animals. Can you tell me how you are different than a dog? If you were having a hard time making one of the apps on your mom’s phone work so you could play a game, would you go to your dog and ask him to help you figure it out? No. There isn’t an animal that can play a game on your mom’s phone. Animals don’t have the kind of brains that people have. Animals are not created in God’s image.

If you bought some special food for your cat, would you put it out side and tell your dog that this was for the cat and tell him that he needs to share. Would your dog be polite and let the cat eat first? No. Dogs don’t care how other animals feel. They don’t know what is right and fair. If a dog is hungry, he will take the cat’s food every time and he will not even feel ashamed. The animals are not made in the image of God......

Sample Bible Lesson