• God Has Spoken.

  • The Bible is God's Book that Chronicles the Story of Our Deliverer, Jesus

  • Children Learn Through Stories

  • Let God Speak Through His Word

  • The Whole Picture is Foundational Before Different Topics Can be Fully Understood.

  • Learning the Scriptures in Order and in its Context

  • Another Focus of This Curriculum is its Hands-On Approach.

  • These Lessons Are Not Just Ideas On Paper. 

2. Using this book  

  a. Prayerfully prepare yourself

  b  Read the Scripture

  c. Read the Lesson.

  d. Teach the Lesson.

  e. The Lesson’s basic structure

      i. The Interest Activity:

     ii. The Bible Lesson:

    iii. Other Elements of the Class:

Beginnings Excerpts

Studies in Genesis


Excerpts from Table of Contents

Sample Lesson Schedule

Lesson Four: The Fall

Scripture Focus:

   Genesis 3

You will need for today’s lesson

Interest Activity

   Make trees for the garden.

Bible Lesson 


    Everything is Perfect

    The Visitor

    Satan is nothing but a deceiver.

    God is Truth.


Sample Bible Lesson

.....Coming to God in God’s way

The plan is that God is going to make it rain so that the whole world will be flooded. He gives this plan to Noah and tells Noah exactly what he wants him to do to save him and his family.

This is why we made “arks” with exact instructions of how to make them. It is important for Noah to trust God and to build the ark according to God’s exact instructions. God knows what the people and animals need to protect them from the storm that he knows he will be sending. He knows exactly what kind of boat is needed and God gives Noah the exact instructions of how to make it.

Noah must believe God in order to even consider starting such an incredible project. This is no weekend assignment. It is going to take him over a hundred years to make.

Noah also must trust God in all the details. He is not to put his own ideas into the plans. Only by following God exactly can a boat be made that will be able to survive the storm that is coming.

There is only one way. It is God’s way. God had a specific kind of clothing to cover Adam and Eve’s shame. He had a specific kind of sacrifice that he required of Cain and Abel. He now has specific instructions for building this ark. Man must come to God in God’s way.

Noah is also a sinner like everyone else. Noah does not deserve to be saved by God. What do you think is different about him? Noah comes to God in God’s way. He believes God and must be looking for the coming of the “Deliverer” that God has promised. It is because of the Deliverer that Noah is able to find “grace in the eyes of the LORD.” (Genesis 6:8)

Noah does not know the Deliverer’s name like we do now. His name is Jesus. Jesus did come and he paid the price for our sins. Like Noah, we also must look to and believe Jesus that we may find “grace in the eyes of the LORD”. God’s story is all about the Deliverer, Jesus. He is for anyone who believes.

So this humble little farmer is going to take up ship building. God gives him the exact plans. Remember it takes Noah over one hundred years to build the ark. (Genesis 6:3). During this time, quite possibly most people will see or at least hear of this ark. I imagine it was talked about everywhere, maybe even laughed about. Perhaps after a while everybody just got used to it and ignored it.

But not only is Noah building this huge ship, the Bible tells us in 2 Peter 2:5 that Noah is a preacher of righteousness in his day. Noah spends his life building a boat and telling the people about his God, the Creator of heaven and earth. He tells them about the judgment that is to come; about God’s mercy for anyone that comes to God in God’s way. Noah does this for 120 years. The people have years to change their minds and follow God instead of their wicked ways....