The Passion Behind the Curriculum



LET GOD SPEAK  has two distinctions.



Let God Speak focuses on teaching the Scriptures as God gave them to us, in their order and in their context.



Let God Speak teaches by interaction. Involvement through as many of the senses as possible is key to the student's understanding and retention   .



Think with me. How did Jesus teach the people? Did he use things like workbooks, papers, pencils and coloring sheets? Or was there water to be walked on and baskets of bread to be filled?


Children spend all week in school, working hard, sometimes doing interesting things, sometimes monotonous work and sometimes boring work. On their time off, it is not for the Bible teacher to ask them to plod through more laborious material. It is not time to work on reading skills. It is not time to fill in worksheets. It is time to meet their God


Children are born with imaginations and huge appetites to learn all about their world. Many times it is at the beginning of their school career, when this excitement is stifled.  The last thing we want to see in the children at Bible class is drudgery and endurance when it comes to studying God's word and meeting the God of the universe who wrote it to them.


God's Word is a Living Book. They are not empty words. They are our life! (See Deuteronomy 32:47) There is nothing dull about anything that God has written. Life-giving energy should be seen and felt in the classroom as soon as the students arrive. There should be anticipation by all (students and teachers), looking forward to what will be learned the next week; looking forward to hearing from their God!